Mother became farmer during COVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 sent nearly two million working moms out of the workforce. For Danielle Devota it changed her career entirely.

“I just think COVID-19 was the push that I needed. Because if anything it showed me that life is short,” Devota said.

The working mother from Chesaning spent years in corporate communications only to realize during lock down that she needed something more out of life.

“I mean I went to bed one day and up the next and we were in lock down,” Devota said.

Devota decided she was going to give up her salaried position to focus on her newly found family farm, called Section 32 Farms. She said it is rewarding to grow and produce organic food that’s good for the community.

“More of a sustainable natural style of farming. So, we converted our farm ground into pasture, and we raise grass fed beef. And pastured pork and pasture raised chicken,” Devota said.

Devota struggled with the decision to leave a job that she worked so hard to get, but when COVID-19 hit she said everything became clear.

Sending her year and a half old daughter to daycare, was just another issue in the midst of the pandemic.

“Hard choice to say am I going to send my child to daycare where she’s going to be around other children who have been with their parents and who who knows who else?” Devota said.

Devota reflects now on the past year, the pandemic and her family and believes she made the right choice.

She said if anything, COVID-19 helped her follow her dreams.

“We got to do what’s best for ourselves and our families,” Devota said.

Devota is a contributor on the Mid-Michigan Moms blog where she has written articles about her journey through her career changes as she tries to inspire other moms to follow their passion. You can find her articles, as well as contributions from other mothers here.

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