Violent attackers ambush women at gas station


Surveillance footage captured the terrifying moment before two violent attackers ambushed a young woman as she got back into her car at local gas station in Atlanta. 

The footage showed two suspects appearing to hid and take cover near the back of 23-year-old Jhanae Askew’s vehicle while she was inside a Chevron gas station.

“I honestly thought any second was going to be my last,” said Askew. 

“I come back out, unlock my door, I get in the drivers side, when I saw then gun that’s when everything hit me and every second I thought I was going to get shot, every second felt like the last, that’s honestly how it felt,” she added.  

Can you help find these violent attackers? A woman’s plea to anyone who can help bring her attackers to justice after nearly losing her life. #crime #Atlanta @cbs46 #Video

— Jamie S Kennedy (@Jamie_S_Kennedy) March 10, 2021

“Being that aggressive with me, that’s when I realized they might be willing to hurt me,” said Askew.

Askew told officers that she ran inside for help and that’s when the suspects fled the scene, only taking two cell phones.

Askew said she made eye contact with the men while she was walking inside the gas station and says that’s when she feels they decided to target her.

“I couldn’t believe that I almost lost my life to two phones, I don’t feel comfortable anywhere knowing they’re still out there I feel like they’ve seen my face way too clearly and I don’t feel like they feel like their job is done, so I don’t feel safe,” said Jhanae.

If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers or police.

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