Former Bear Kyle Long unretiring from NFL, per brother Chris Long


Kyle Long unretiring from NFL, per brother Chris Long originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

In one of the biggest surprises of the offseason, it appears Kyle Long is gearing up for a return to the NFL.

When the source is the player’s brother, you can usually trust the info. And hat tip to Macon Gunter, per Chris Long’s request.

Kyle retired from the NFL before the 2020 season after playing seven seasons with the Bears. He was a first-round draft pick in 2013, and was a dominant starter when healthy, but injuries cut his career short. After missing only one game in his first three seasons, Kyle missed 26 games over the next four seasons.

He’s hinted towards a comeback throughout the summer, and more recently posted some serious workout videos on Twitter.

For those wondering if the Bears still have rights to Kyle since he retired with one year left on his contract, Brad Spielberger from PFF says that’s not the case.

Kyle Long did retire, but procedurally was released by Chicago. He’s not under contract with the Bears, and there’s approximately a -1,000% chance he considers signing there if I had to guess

— Brad Spielberger (@PFF_Brad) March 9, 2021

For those wondering why Spielberger is so doubtful that Long would want to return to the Bears, just take it from Kyle, himself.

I have supported this staff and the roster in the media since being released. Believe in the team and the coaches. But that doesn’t mean I would want to play for them

— Kyle (@Ky1eLong) June 15, 2020

They did, always. But my point was if I wanted to play again for the bears it@would need to be under a new staff. The current one released me and had every right to. It’s not that complicated. I appreciate you Ale

— Kyle (@Ky1eLong) June 15, 2020

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