Group plans to build new home for storm victim


HOPE, Ark. – Homeowners in southwest Arkansas are still recovering from last month’s winter storm, and for one homeowner, the recovery is extensive.

The heavy snow caused a roof to collapse on David Williams’ home in Hope. So, now a local ministry is stepping up to help build a new house.

Meanwhile, Williams is living in a home the pastor of First Baptist Church is providing until the new house is built. The 66-year old had lived at his home on Hickory Street since he was born, and was shocked when the roof collapsed during the snow storm.

“I could have been in there, so by making the noise it made. It caused me to want to go outside and see. I call that an act of God,” said Williams.

“We were able to get in touch with each other and we started out just offering to help tear it down,” said said the Rev. Daniel Bramlett, First Baptist Church of Hope.

Bramlett started the Banner Hope Center several years ago to help men recover from drug addiction. He said giving back is part of their mission. The local ministry helps recovering addicts find purpose.

Bramlett says one way the group is able to do that is by helping build William’s a new home.

“When we heard what he wanted that he wasn’t out to build a mansion. We thought it was something we could tackle and so I offered our services,” said Bramlett.

The ministry group just recently started the demolition process on William’s house.

Eric Turner, director of the Banner of Hope, said the project allows them to use their skills and gives them purpose.

“We’re just honored and privileged to be able to work and give back. It help us stay clean,” said Turner.

Zach Vanhorn, who recently joined the Banner of Hope Center, said the group is helping him turn his life around.

“I’m going to try and use this situation to encourage others that I come in contact with to know there is a different life out there and in Jesus we will know true freedom,” said Vanhorn.

Bramlett says the Banner Hope Center is ready to take on the challenge of building William’s new house, but they need community support, not only for the project, but to keep their ministry going, so they can help even more people.

Church leaders say cost of the foundation is about $1,000.

To learn more about the ministry and how to support the project, visit