Why subscribe to JCGridiron?


I get asked this question all the time, so I thought I’d take a little time to explain the advantages of being a JCGridiron subscriber.

First off, JCGridiron is the only full-service site for junior college football on the internet. What does this mean? It means we cover JUCO football from every angle. We have a database filled with athletic profiles accessible to anyone with a computer or smart phone. We cover the recruitment of the athletes, create preseason preseason watch lists, positional rankings, postseason awards and national team rankings.

Some of these things are free, but most are not. Why? As in any business, if you don’t make some kind of earnings, you go away. JCGridiron is not in the business of becoming wealthy, but we have bills to pay and need to make ends meet in order to stay in operation. Just the plain truth. While others are trying to sell you Tweets and promises, we consider ourselves more as reporters, publishers and promoters than salesmen. As in anything, the rest is up to you.

Who am I? Well, I’ve been the publisher and owner of JCGridiron since its inception in 2005. Since arriving on the scene, my publication has been featured in a number of arenas. I recently played a small role on the Netflix series Last Chance U (season V, Laney) where I appeared in five of the eight episodes. My publication has been mentioned in magazines (Phil Steele) and I have appeared in numerous radio talk shows, newspaper articles and podcasts. At the end of the day, however, it isn’t about me. I love the game of JUCO football and the stories it presents every day. The comebacks, the struggles, the determination and overcoming obstacles is what makes it a special experience.

By becoming a subscriber, you will get the inside scoop on what is going on in the world of JUCO football. We don’t just cover the top guys, we try to cover all the guys. Although we face giant uphill battle every season, we try to give notice to the some of the 10,000 players that play at close to 130 different schools every year.

Whether you are a coach, recruiter, player, parent, relative or casual fan, JCGridiron has a lot to offer. We start the spring by soliciting the coaches for information about their respective teams. From there, we create “Spring Watch Lists” of players to watch for. During the summer months we create our “Dirty 30” national team rankings for some preseason hype. In the fall we cover the games and give recruiting updates along with weekly amendments to our team rankings. In the late fall we start rolling out positional rankings and cover the early signing day. This past year we even started producing an All-America Team. Once the spring hits, we do it all over again. In between we produce special stories that we think may generate interest. For instance, last year we are updated our “Top-100 JUCO Players of All Time,” which we originally created 10 years earlier.

In closing, this past year has been trying for many of us. The world was interrupted by a pandemic that halted, in many cases stopped, and often times interfered with our normal routine. The fall football season was canceled for many while others tried to play through it. As a result, we at JCGridiron had to change our routine and covered the teams that played, while making other plans for programs that rescheduled to the spring. We hope we did a decent job of it.

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