Political Briefing: Biden unveils immigration bill



The political news you need to know, in 10 minutes or less. Hosted by David Chalian.

  • Biden Unveils Sweeping Immigration Bill

    Today President Biden announced a sweeping immigration bill that he’s hoping will modernize the American immigration system. David Chalian explains what’s in the bill and the uphill battle it faces in Congress. Plus, the latest from the ongoing civil war over the future of the GOP, and as Texans continue freezing without power… Senator Ted Cruz flies to Cancun. 

  • The Moderate-in-Chief

    During last night’s CNN Town Hall, President Biden both laid out his Covid timeline and pushed back on some progressive policy priorities. David Chalian explains what Biden’s showcase of his moderate credentials means for his future policy fights. Plus, what former President Trump’s McConnell attacks mean for the GOP, and as millions of Texans struggle with cold-weather and power outages, Governor Greg Abbott is playing politics. 

  • Biden Takes the Stage

    President Biden heads to Milwaukee tonight to face voters in person for the first time since being elected at a CNN town hall. David Chalian explains how Biden will make the case for Covid relief tonight and explains the most significant sticking point for the relief proposal among Democrats. Plus, McConnell’s efforts to move on from Trump are hitting some serious roadblocks.

  • Now the Biden Presidency Really Begins

    Now that former President Trump’s impeachment trial is over, Biden’s agenda is taking center stage and first up is delivering on his Covid relief package. David Chalian breaks down where stimulus negotiations stand and how the GOP is responding to its members who broke with Trump. Plus, it’s looking more and more like there will be a Trump on the ballot in 2022. 

  • Republicans Acquit Trump Again

    The Senate voted to acquit Former President Trump of insurrection charges in his second impeachment trial. David Chalian breaks down how the final day unfolded and what the verdict means for America.

  • Trump’s Brief Defense

    In less than a quarter of their allotted time, Former President Trump’s defense lawyers presented their brief case to the Senate, pushing a lot of whataboutism and playing out of context clips of Democrats. David Chalian breaks down their arguments and lays out how the trial is expected to wrap up soon. 

  • The Democrats Rest Their Case

    And with that, the prosecution rests. David Chalian explains everything you need to know after day three of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, where House Managers used their last day of arguments to try to directly link Trump to the January 6th violence and prove that he is still a clear and present danger. Tomorrow President Trump’s lawyers begin their case as we learn the former President may realize his “stop the steal” messaging doesn’t exactly make him seem innocent.

  • A Haunting Impeachment Case

    On day two of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, David Chalian discusses the chilling new material House Managers introduced as they laid out their case that Trump’s words and tweets leading up to January 6th can be seen as the direct cause of the insurrection. And finally, Chalian reflects on how this trial may be cathartic for many watching… and a necessary step for the country to heal. 

  • An Emotional First Day

    David Chalian breaks down day one of former president Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, where the constitutionality of trying an ex-president was up for debate. We saw some convincing arguments and moving speeches on the Senate floor today… and some bizarre, incoherent speeches as well. Overall, it was an emotional day at the Capitol as lawmakers were forced to relive the violent events that took place on January 6th. 

  • Ready or Not… Impeachment Is Here

    Former President Trump’s second impeachment trial begins tomorrow, and David Chalian tells you what to expect as last-minute details get finalized. Plus, when it comes to passing a pandemic relief package, President Biden’s challenge isn’t only the GOP… a divide is growing within the Democratic Party. And finally, Congresswoman Liz Cheney stands her ground after being censured by the Wyoming Republican party over the weekend.