Why Mindy Kaling is super excited to star in a Super Bowl ad


(CNN)Appearing in a Super Bowl ad is super special for Mindy Kaling and her family.

Kaling told CNN in a recent interview that the annual game is “a big part of our family.”

“I think particularly coming from a family of immigrants, it’s a really easy way to feel part of the dominant culture. So, being part of an ad is actually just really glamorous and fun for me because I know my entire family is going to tune in,” Kaling said. “I come from Boston, so my dad is like the biggest Tom Brady, Patriots fan and his love of him remained as he moved on to the Buckaneers.”

Kaling stars in a game-day spot for Doritos, alongside Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Kimmel.

    “It was incredibly exciting to get hair and makeup done with my mask on, with my hair and makeup people with their masks on, and go to set to be with Matthew and Jimmy. It was such a nice respite from the wearing sweatpants every day with zit cream on existence that I had.”

    Kaling is working on several projects, but as for most of us, being home during the pandemic has had its ups and downs.

    “At the beginning, I was excited because I was pregnant and it was a really great way to have a low-key pregnancy with no expectations of having to look glamorous. So, that was exciting, but creatively I do think it’s taken a toll,” she said.

      But Kaling, who welcomed her second child in September, has kept her great sense of humor fully in tact.

      “No mom ever wants to feel relieved when they don’t have to see their kids, but when you do work from home there is a little bit of relief, like I feel relieved when I shower, my 10 minutes respite from seeing my two kids.”