Orphaned goose becomes family pet


By Ashley Smith | January 13, 2021 at 5:20 PM EST – Updated January 14 at 6:10 AM

CINCINNATI (FOX19) – Last spring, a Cincinnati man was driving in Mason when he saw a family of geese crossing the road. Unfortunately, only one of the geese made it across the road safely.

Now, Lil’ Bob not only has a new home, but also a new family.

“We were sitting there for less than 30 seconds,” recalls Joe Songer, “And a guy decides behind us that he’s not gonna wait. He went around us, and he killed his mother, father, and three siblings and Bob was the only survivor.”

Songer brought Bob back home with him where his dog, Hant, immediately started caring for the goose.

“When we took him home, I thought ‘he’s not going to last the night,’” remembers Songer, “And he’s here 10 months later.”

Lil’ Bob has traveled to Chicago, Cleveland, and Tennessee. Everywhere Songer and Lil’ Bob go, people stare and ask questions.

Lil’ Bob loves to go for long walks. That exercise has made Songer healthier and helped him lose 60 pounds.

But make no mistake, Lil’ Bob and Hant also like to relax on the couch together.

“They watch TV together, sometimes for hours,” explains Songer, “And they do like Channel 19 and one of his favorite people is Tricia Macke. And when she’s on he’s looking at the TV like he’s talking to her.”

They also have a unique diet.

“He eats everything, but I hate to say it,” Songer continues, “His favorite food is Arby’s. He will eat Arby’s roast beef sandwich with the dog. But no bun, they want the meat.”

Lil’ Bob is also potty trained and rings a bell to go outside. The vet says he could live as long as 15-20 years.

Songer wants to make sure that everyone knows if Lil’ Bob decides to fly away one day, that’s fine. He is a wild animal after all.

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