Accessories to supercharge your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite


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The Nintendo Switch continues to be a hit, nearly four years after it was released. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though; the Switch and its smaller sibling, the Switch Lite, are both capable gaming consoles that offer a mix of portability and versatility.

As with any gadget, Nintendo doesn’t include everything you’re going to want or need in the box with the Switch. For example, you’ll want to add a screen protector to keep your display free of scratches, and the base storage amount is tiny.

Below you’ll find 10 accessories that will take your Nintendo Switch experience to the next level.

Before you do anything else, do yourself and your Switch a favor by putting a screen protector on it. The extra layer of protection will keep the portable device’s display free of accidental scratches and add a layer of protection should you drop it. You can get a two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors for $8.99. That’s a steal.

SanDisk 256GB MicroSD Card

The next thing you should do after adding a layer of protection to your Switch’s screen is to add more storage. The default 32GB of storage in either Switch model isn’t a whole lot, especially as you start recording videos of gameplay and accumulating screenshots of your achievements. The Switch will accept up to 2TB of additional storage via a microSD card slot. This SanDisk 256GB microSD card is more than enough space for the casual gamer.

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

Carrying around your charger, game cartridges and any extra accessories can get messy. Not to mention, taking the Switch on the road increases the potential for accidents. This Orzly case offers extra protection and includes several compartments that are perfect for storing things like additional Joy-Cons, games and memory cards. There’s a handle that makes it easy to carry, and the EVA shell will shield your Switch.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Joy-Cons that come with the Nintendo Switch can be removed and used wirelessly, using the included adapter, to take the form of a more traditional video game controller. However, if you want a dedicated controller that doesn’t mimic the Joy-Cons at all, Nintendo’s Pro Controller is the only way to go. It’s ideal for fast-paced games like Fortnite, and it’s cheaper than another pair of Joy-Cons.

For a more retro feel, the 8BitDo Lite controller fits the mold. Not only does it more closely match the look and feel of the Switch Lite, down to the same colors, but it puts all of the Switch’s controls at your fingertips without breaking the bank. If nothing else, it’s a cute controller that’s a welcome companion for any Switch player.

HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter

With the popularity of wireless earbuds and headphones, like Apple’s AirPods lineup, it only makes sense that Switch owners want to use their wireless earbuds with their gaming device. However, the Switch doesn’t support Bluetooth audio — yes, really — so you’ll need an adapter. The HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter plugs directly into the bottom of the Switch and will beam the sounds of your current game directly to your Bluetooth earbuds of choice.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD 45-Watt With 60-Watt PD Charger


The Switch is a portable gaming device by design, and as such it relies on a nonremovable battery — meaning, if you plan on traveling, you’re bound to end up looking for a power outlet to top it off. Instead of doing that, pick up Anker’s PowerCore+ 26800 portable battery pack. Not only will it keep your Switch going for hours, it’ll also keep your phone or headphones charged up.

Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack

The Elite Player Backpack is still hard to find, but GameStop continues to keep it in stock, and at a very attractive price. The backpack includes dedicated spots for your Switch, headphones, docking station, controllers and anything else you need to take your Switch setup on the go. If you find yourself frequently taking your Switch on the road or to a friend’s, the Elite Player Backpack is the only way to go.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset

The Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset is affordable yet capable. We’ve personally tested these and they sound good while also featuring a microphone that’s perfect for games with voice chat. They’re inexpensive enough that when they are inevitably broken, we can replace them without too much of a burden on our wallet.

For the more serious gamer, the Logitech G935 gaming headphones are superb and work with the Switch via the 3.5mm headphone jack. They can also wirelessly connect to a PC via the included adapter. There’s a flip-down boom mic for voice communication and a series of RGB lights that add a cool factor to the G935, along with several programmable buttons you can tailor to your preference using Logitech’s G Hub application on your computer.