Nicolas Cage bringing ‘History of Swear Words’ to Netflix


(CNN)Well, damn, Nicolas Cage.

The Oscar-winning actor is set to star in a new docuseries for Netflix that is sure to be the sh … er, much-talked about.

Cage will host “History of Swear Words,” which will delve into just what the title says.

Seriously, I wish we could be more descriptive, but out of respect for the kids, we won’t.

    What we can say is that reportedly Cage will be joined by celebrity guests as well as linguists, scientists and others.

    Netflix Is A Joke, the comedy arm of the streaming giant, tweeted about the new series on Tuesday.

      “Watch till the end to see what Nicolas Cage is talking about,” the tweet said, along with an accompanying video. “History of Swear Words, hosted by national treasure Nic himself, premieres January 5th!”

      Hell yeah.