PA officials warn of Covid concern in care homes


WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Health care officials warn as Covid cases spike, there is serious concern about the virus sweeping through care homes throughout Pennsylvania: affecting those most at-risk.

“Everything that we’ve seen says spread in the community means spread in long term care. We know that that could spell disaster in our nursing homes, in personal care and assisted living,” said Zach Shamberg, President of Pennsylvania Health Care Association.

Throughout Northeastern and Central PA, there have been reported covid spikes in certain spots.

Health officials call that one of the top factors in rising care home cases.

They said another uptick began in September.

“And you know all the independent research has pointed to the fact that these next few months are going to be the worst flu season that we’ve ever experienced so on top of Covid 19, you have the flu, you have folks who are starting to get sick so these numbers are certainly concerning.”

As we head into the winter months, those health care officials said we need to take steps now to make sure there are not more outbreaks.

They said that means wearing masks, social distancing and getting a flu shot.

“We hope that in the next few months we’re going to see a vaccine a Covid 19 vaccine that’s going to be distributed to long term care residents and workers specifically so that is very much on the horizon.”

Those health care officials are calling on Congress to help fund protective gear and supplies for care homes through the winter months.