Mobile home tenants told face eviction


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An anxious start to the holiday season for dozens of mobile home residents in northwest Omaha. The owner of Maplewood Estates has issued an ultimatum.

The landlord’s notice for the tenants at 129th Street and West Maple was taped to the door of Dan Jackson Thursday night, telling him to leave and take his house with him.

“Oh yeah, they want this property because they can put a bigger home on it and charge more money,” Jackson said.

Many of the estimated 400 mobile homeowners received notice they have to make repairs. Anything from removing temporary steps to painting or replacing skirting and siding.

“When we’re in the middle of a COVID virus pandemic and they’re slapping this against all these people. A lot of them aren’t working and I’m on Social Security,” said resident Linda Ishaii.

If repairs aren’t made by about Dec. 18, the lease will be terminated on the lot where their mobile home sits.

The letter tells Jackson the latticework on three sides of his carport has to be torn down and replaced with solid wood even those he says it’s stood this way more than five years.

“I don’t have the funds to do it,” he said.

But in another part of Maplewood Estates, Cookie Hubbs says she’ll gladly follow the order to replace her back stairs.

“I definitely think it’s reasonable because number one it’s what you agreed to when you signed the document and number two it enhances the ability to have better tenants, people who aren’t going to trash their homes,” Hubbs said.

The mobile home park office was closed due to a recent COVID-19 exposure so 6 News called the number listed.

“I’ll have somebody give you a call back.”

It’s a tough call for many residents who are retired and on fixed incomes.

A 30-day notice to make repairs listed by the landlord or they violated the lot lease and face eviction. These mobile homeowners say the timing and tone don’t fit the holiday spirit.

“I absolutely believe we’re being bullied,” Ishaii said.

6 News did not recieve a call back from the mobile home park owners yet who are located out of state. Many of the tenants pay about $500 a month for lot rent.

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