Veterans organization providing food to other vets


LEBANON, TN (WSMV) – One veterans organization in Wilson County is making sure their fellow vets aren’t forgotten during the holidays.

For the past decade, the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1044 has served fellow veterans of Wilson County.

“Vietnam vets were not treated very well when they came back, just trying to help other veterans that don’t go through what we went through. All our members are Vietnam veterans,” said Mike Myer, president of the chapter.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas you will find these Vietnam veterans helping however they can.

On Friday afternoon, they’re preparing food boxes for 65 families with enough supplies to last for two weeks.

“There is green beans, corn, peanut butter, jelly, sauces, mac and cheese, stuffing mix, peas, all kinds of vegetables,” said Myer. “We will put a turkey with it tomorrow so they’ll have enough for a meal.

“We don’t mind doing it. We’ll do it. We purchase a lot of it, a lot is donated. We also have cash donations. What we don’t have we will purchase.”

There is one issue.

Myer said veterans in the area aren’t coming forward to ask for the help.

“They’re not coming forward. We’ve had a few calls. We do this all year. If a veteran needs food, we’re not going to let them go without food,” said Myers. “It continues on all year. We also help with utilities as much as that.”

“Sometimes it’s a little more diplomacy required to get some veterans to come,” said Jim Harding, a member of the organization. “The VA does a great job in helping disabled veterans, but it can’t cover all the needs.”

On Saturday, around 65 veterans will put up their food boxes.

The organization will do it all over again come Christmas time.