Nonprofit gives meals to breast cancer survivors


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The holiday season looks to be a difficult time for all of us due to the pandemic, but that’s not stopping one area non-profit from doing what they can to make the holidays a little brighter for those fighting cancer.

“I do treatment on Thursday so I can kind of recoup on the weekends,” said Michelle Edmundson. Michelle Edmundson was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago. She understands the importance of connecting with other women fighting the same battle.

“You have someone else who gets it they understand the highs and the lows and so much more of it and it’s more than just physical they also kind of understand the emotional side of it and knowing when someone else just kind of needs a pick me up like this is just rough and I need to vent and I need someone to get it and go you’re right it just sucks right now,” said Edmundson.

But COVID derailed some of that fellowship.

“We weren’t able to do our weekend retreat and so we had to kind of flip things upside down and so instead of having our thriving circles once a month in person we’ve been doing that virtually,” said Edmundson. For this Thanksgiving, Project Pink’d and nearly 100 volunteers porch delivered pre-cooked dinners — turkey breast with all the trimmings — to 235 breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and western Iowa.

“They may not have the energy levels that they would to prepare a meal for their families and these meals are pre-cooked by Hy-Vee and all they have to do is warm them up,” said Jamie Gates with Project Pink’d.

Jamie Gates of Project Pink’d says the pandemic won’t stop them from keeping cancer survivors connected.

“We are trying to reach people and hug their hearts a virtual way and whether that’s leaving a little surprise on their doorstep that’s something we’re looking forward to doing as the new year comes around because I don’t see us gathering in person quite yet,” said Gates.

for Michelle, it’s a chance to help other cancer survivors as well as herself.

“Acknowledge today is rough but tomorrow’s gonna be better I’m going make a difference and I’m going to do something for someone else and that helps…that’s a big part of it, just finding a way to help others and kind of feed your soul too,” said Edmunson.

This is the fifth year Project Pink’d have provided Thanksgiving meals to breast cancer survivors. One benefit of holding virtual meetings…Project Pink’d is able to reach more cancer survivors than if the meetings were held in person because people didn’t have to travel to meet.

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