Cowboys legend host food drive for holidays


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Who said the glory days of the Cowboys are gone? A championship effort was on display at the Clinton P. Russell elementary school in Dallas on Thursday.

Cowboys three-time Super Bowl champion Chad Hennings says, “the ability to impact 1600-1900 families. Give them hope and purpose. This is what it’s all about.”

According to Cowboys three-time Super Bowl champion Nate Newton, “it ain’t a hand out. It’s a hand up and that’s what I love about what we trying to do and what Charles has always tried to do.”

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, the best defensive player in that 90s dynasty is once again leading his teammates to remind those of us who have to help support those who don’t.

Cowboys three-time Super Bowl champion Charles Haley says, “that’s my journey in life right now. I’m about others. I try to left everybody up that I meet.”

It’s all part of Charles Haley’s Tackle Tomorrow foundation which focuses on raising reading rates among kids and families in certain Dallas area schools. But it’s certainly easy to read the impact he continues to have on the community.

Cowboys three-time Super Bowl champion Daryl Johnston says of Haley, “the way he can get people together and focused on one goal is amazing. It’s not just on the football field. It’s in everyday life.”

During this holiday season, here’s some food for thought: all it takes is one person to make a difference

Keith Russell