Businesses turning to digital advertising


A company in Luzerne County specializes in helping businesses get the word out online.

SCRANTON, Pa. — It is what some say they needed to keep their doors open during this pandemic: getting the word out about their business online.

That includes Frank Cawley, who has physical therapy offices in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.

“Having the ability to directly advertise through digital marketing to the patient, and basically empathize and sympathize with what they’re going through is so rewarding,” said Cawley.

In the midst of this health crisis, with so many learning and working online, some business owners are setting their sights on digital marketing, building and using websites and ads on social media platforms like Facebook and more.

That is what LSEO specializes in. It’s a digital marketing company based in Luzerne County’s Back Mountain.

“They actually embrace things like digital marketing, and their website as a primary source of you know staying in business and serving their customers,” said Kris Jones of LSEO.

Jones said he knows a lot of businesses simply do not have the money right now to use for digital marketing, but he also said everyone is online right now, and that is where they are paying the most attention.

“Our real goal is to educate and empower businesses in northeastern Pennsylvania. Really the immediate outcome is to create case studies like Cawley PT so we can have more successful businesses, and instead of seeing something as the future, see it as the here and now and really embrace it.”