Couple learns to parent while quarantined


Parenting can be difficult while in quarantine.

“The four kids are negative, but I am positive,” Carrie Kowalski said.

Kowalski recently tested positive for COVID-19 after her husband, Mark came down with symptoms.

He initially tested negative but was retested after symptoms got worse.

“He said I feel like I should be tested again just to be safe and then Sunday his rapid test came back positive,” she said.

This after the Kowalskis, from the metro Detroit area, have been careful. They even quarantined away from the father for 8 weeks when COVID initially hit michigan this spring.

Mark is a commercial pilot and the family didn’t want to risk anything. But COVID finally showed up in their family, during this second surge.

The family is unsure where or who they got it from.

Carrie says they have been taking strict precautions.

It’s all even scarier because they have 4 young kids.

“So then that comes the question how do you parent in quarantine?” she said.

Carrie is still trying to figure it out.

She says they have been social distancing as much as possible but it’s not easy.

They had to take a pause on their virtual learning and take other precautions around the house.

“My husband and I are masked at all times,” Carrie said. “When we’re around the house I just happen to not be wearing one because I’m quarantined in my room.”

She says they have been depending on the older children for a little bit more help and of course diligently washing their hands.

As COVID cases continue to increase during the second wave Carrie is encouraging everyone with symptoms, no matter how severe, to get tested.

She says right now she just feels like she has allergies while her husband’s symptoms are a tad worse.

“If my husband would’ve never had that positive test, I would have never been tested,” she said.

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