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This air purifier with a 6-stage filtration system is now $60 off


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Published 5:57 PM EST, Mon November 9, 2020

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Keeping your home clean goes beyond vacuuming and dusting. An efficient way to keep your space free of pet dander, dust and allergens is by using an air filter — like the Puro2xygen P500 Air Purifier. The device, now on sale for $169.97 (originally $229), is a sleek white system that uses a six-stage purification system to remove pet dander, mold and dust and to control odors.

We used the air purifier in a room measuring approximately 144 square feet (it’s designed for rooms up to 550 square feet) and did find it to be effective in removing dust and allergens. There are three speed modes for the fan, a sleep mode and an auto mode, plus there’s a remote included with the device for convenience.

We liked how quietly it ran and that it didn’t take up much space on our floor. To test its purifying abilities, we checked the filter inside to see if it was, in fact, removing and trapping dust from the surrounding air. While we weren’t able to measure the amount of pollutants in the air before and after running the purifier, the filter captured plenty of dust leading us to believe that it worked.

At $169.97, the Puro2xygen P500 Air Purifier is priced on par with most air purifiers and filters. We liked having the air purifier on throughout the day, and while we can’t guarantee results, we found it removed dust and allergens from the room when used.

We spent about a week testing out the Puro2xygen and found it to be effective and simple to use. Let’s jump into our breakdown of this air filtration system.

Puro2xygen P500 Air Purifier

PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN

The device is extremely easy to set up. Once you take it out of the box you can remove the plastic wrap over the soft-touch LED display on the top. The filter system is already in place inside the purifier, which makes setup a breeze. The included remote control runs with a watch battery and is the size of a small TV remote, so it’s easy to store. The purifier measures 20 inches by 12.96 inches by 6.72 inches, meaning that if you’re working with minimal space, the purifier should fit in easily.

When you plug the purifier in it you’ll hear chime tones to let you know the device is running. The control panel on the top is soft touch, and there are four control buttons: one for power, one for fan speed, one for night mode and one for a timer. An LED display shows you your fan setting and timer. There’s a green LED light ring around the display connecting the four button controls; though it isn’t very bright, if the light does bother you you while you’re sleeping, for instance, you can tap the night mode button and the light display will turn off.

Let’s break down the six-stage core purification system. The first stage is a pre-filter, which identifies and filters out dust, hair, dander and volatile organic compounds and removes them from the air. Next is a HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of particles above 0.3 microns in size. Third is the activated carbon filtration, which absorbs odors and chemical reactions. Then there’s a cold catalyst filtration, which sets out to decompose multiple harmful gases. The last two stages are a negative ion generator and a UV light sanitizer. The negative ion generator helps clean the air from dust, pollen, dander, mold spores and other allergens while the UV light sanitizer kills germs, allergens, mold, pollen and viruses. Although UV light has been proven to be effective in killing germs, there’s no proof it kills Covid-19.

We were concerned such a powerful system would mean a loud device that would overwhelm the room with sound. So to test this, we turned the device on with no other noise in the room, when music was playing over our Amazon Echo and when the TV was on. We tried it at different fan speeds, since the higher the fan speed the louder the fan. At level one the fan was quiet enough to be drowned out by the TV or music from our Amazon Echo. When we adjusted the fan to speed setting two it was significantly louder; volume had to be adjusted on the TV or Echo. It was of course even louder at fan speed three, which we found ourselves never setting the purifier to when we were in the room because we found the sound distracting when trying to get work done or bingeing our favorite show.

Puro2xygen P500 Air Purifier

PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN

The Puro2xygen P500 Air Purifier is a useful device to keep in your home, especially as we spend more time in quarantine. The sale price of $169.97 is reasonable given its size, quietness (at fan speed one) and the effectiveness of its filter. It’s a powerful purification system enclosed in a sleek looking and manageable-sized device, and the white exterior will blend in with any space’s aesthetics while cleaning the air of dust, dander and allergens.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.

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