Idea sprouts into concept for Albany businesses


ALBANY — It started, as these things often do, as a germ of an idea by businesswoman B.J. Fletcher.

“What if,” Fletcher thought, “we came up with a way to give the people who weren’t really ready to travel and were staying home for the holidays an opportunity to entertain themselves this Thanksgiving … or this Christmas … or New Years … or who were getting together to watch the big game … by bringing the food, treats and spirits to them?”

As her idea took hold, Fletcher reached out to a couple of new business owners in the community: Ankit (Andy) Patel at Cork N Bottle and sisters Gwendolyne Stock and Alba Alfisi at The 7 Cherries Bakery. And together the trio came up with “Triple Treat,” a service whereby holiday celebrants — or anyone who’s hosting a party or just doesn’t feel like cooking — can order food, sweet treats or spirits and have them delivered … with only one delivery charge.

“I have a feeling a lot of people are going to stay home this Thanksgiving; maybe not Christmas, but a lot of folks aren’t ready to travel just yet,” Fletcher said. “And there are other big events around the holidays: parties, big games on TV, business gatherings. I talked with Andy, Gwendolyne and Alba, and we decided to kind of offer a package of all the things you might need for one of those gatherings.

“At BJ’s, we’ll deliver meals or half-pans of Southern sides, meats and wings; 7 Cherries will offer delicious cakes and desserts, and Cork N Bottle will deliver beer, wine and spirits. If any delivery includes alcohol, since the city OK’d those deliveries, Cork N Bottle will have a certified driver to make the deliveries. Customers can get deliveries from any one, two or all three businesses for just one delivery charge. And, since the entire delivery price will go to the driver, you won’t need to add an additional tip. That’s a big savings (over most delivery services).”

Starting today, persons interested in ordering through Triple Treat may contact BJ’s by calling (229) 439-1650, by faxing to (229) 439-1650 or by email to; call 7 Cherries Bakery at (346) 283-2953; and may call Cork N Bottle at (229) 485-6660.

Fletcher said special holiday orders (pre-cooked half-pans or uncooked with instructions) must be received by the Friday before Thanksgiving.

“B.J. had this idea to do this, and after we talked about it, I thought it was a cool idea for the community,” Patel said. “People don’t really want to get out now, and they can place an order without having three different deliveries and three different delivery costs. The whole package can be delivered at one cost.

“And with the variety of the three businesses, we have together pretty much anything customers need.”

Alfisi also said she liked the idea of combining deliveries with two other businesses that offer different products, but with the same theme: food and entertainment at a lower cost.

“We think this is a way to expand our new business, by teaming with establishments that are compatible with what we provide,” she said.

“We think it’s a convenient way for people in the community to have the things they need for their holiday meals or gatherings, and as a bonus they save on delivery costs.”

Fletcher said if the concept is embraced by the community, she hopes to expand it past the end-of-year holidays.

“You have MLK Day, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day … there are all kind of special days and special events that are coming up at the first of the year,” she said. “We’ll try this, see how it goes over the holidays. Then we’ll make a decision on continuing after the first of the year.”

Fletcher said persons who want to pick up the food items at one location can place an order, and the orders from any of the three can be delivered to the location the customer prefers to make the pickup.

“It’s just something different we thought we’d try,” Fletcher said. “Our world has changed, and we have to change with it. This is a way we can provide a service and cut the cost for our customers.”