Kids say they were bullied after mock election


BURTON, Tex. (KBTX) -A Burton family says their kids were bullied after a mock Presidential Election at the Elementary School Tuesday. The students say they were picked on because of who they voted for. Now they are hoping for more unity.

Ryan, Mikayla and Kamarrie Moore are learning just how divisive politics can be after a class lesson this week.

“When I had voted Biden… We had went to lunch we was eating and after lunch they started hitting me and stuff,” said Ryan Moore, a Burton Elementary School Student.

”In my classroom they counted the votes and they said, ‘Trump 190, Biden 60’ and I told them what I picked and then they said, ‘Uh I’m not your friend anymore’ because I picked Biden,” said Mikayla Moore.

The kids say they were bullied because of their vote.

“When we were leaving P.E. my friend walked up behind me and I didn’t see her and she hit me on the back and I didn’t even know because I was walking and I didn’t see her,” said Kamarrie Moore.

“It just made them very uncomfortable and scared to return back to school,” said Lakendra Dixon, a Burton ISD Parent.

She pulled her kids from school wanting the district to address the issue. The family is also calling for more unity during these difficult days.

“I would have a talk with the class and just you know remind the class no matter who we’re gonna vote for or who we like you know let’s not let that come in between us,” said Dixon.

“We all are different in some kind of way, shape form or fashion. It doesn’t matter whether I’m white, black, you vote for who you want to vote for and be friendly about it and respect that person for whom they vote for,” said Kimberly Moore, their Grandmother.

Burton ISD’s Superintendent Dr. Edna Kennedy sent KBTX a statement saying they prioritize student safety on all campuses and said students were allowed to voluntarily and confidentially record their presidential vote.

“I want them to make it better if whatever I pick they should still be nice to me because I never did nothing wrong to them,” said Mikayla Moore.

The family wants to have a sit down meeting to address the issues.

The full statement from the Superintendent is below:

Burton ISD prioritizes student safety on all campuses while engaging students to become lifelong learners and active participants in civic events. Students were provided the opportunity to voluntarily and confidentially record their vote for President, a learning exercise with benefits that will extend beyond the classroom. Burton ISD considered the mock election to be a great way to teach young students about civic engagement. The staff at Burton ISD continuously work to ensure the proper learning environment for all students, and Burton ISD partners with all parents to teach students the appropriate manner in which to conduct themselves. Burton ISD cannot comment on any specific student or even whether an allegation of misconduct has been made.

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