Say hello to Maisie! Maryland Zoo’s newest chimpanzee


BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland Zoo’s newest chimpanzee officially has a name.

After over 9,500 votes cast, the young chimp is now named Maisie.

The runners-up were Asha, Olivia, Nyota and Tulia.

Thanks to thousands of avid chimpanzee fans, The Maryland Zoo’s newest addition to the chimpanzee troop has been officially named “Maisie” (May-zee).

The names in the contest were selected by the Chimpanzee Forest animal care team members, who are caring for the littlest chimp around the clock.

“We’re so happy she officially has a name,” said Pam Carter, Chimpanzee Forest area manager. “Animal care staff use individual names, especially during training sessions. The chimpanzees all recognize their own names as well as each other’s and being able to call her Maisie will help us make the important introductions to the troop when she is ready.”

Maisie arrived at the Zoo in late September and is being cared for by the Chimp Forest Animal Care team.

CBS Baltimore Staff