Marty’s Place offers haven for elder dogs


ALLENTOWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A dog retirement home in Monmouth County is a place where dogs thrive in their golden years, and it has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic.

As CBS2’s Meg Baker reports, they say all dogs go to heaven. Well, Marty’s Place just might be it. It’s a senior dog sanctuary in Allentown, N.J.

(credit: CBS2)

Many of the elder dogs came to Marty’s Place because their owners are transitioning to a long-term care facility, experiencing financial hardship, have passed away, or for other reasons can’t take care of them.

“These are very heart-wrenching decisions, and so we wanted to provide them with the peace of mind that whatever they’re dealing with and going through, they will know that their cherished pet is well cared for and loved,” said Doreen Jakubcak, director of Marty’s Place.

Toys are abundant. Soft beds are available around every corner for TV watching, and all of the dogs have their own individual rooms for nighttime and meals.

And there’s a pool: A low impact, high intensity workout for big dogs, including one who had ACL surgery.

“It’s great for all dogs, but especially good for senior dogs because it helps keep their muscles moving,” said Talina Santos.

(credit: CBS2)

Marty’s Place primarily runs off of donations and volunteers, but the pandemic has hit their fundraising hard, making it tough to take on more dogs, especially ones that need expensive medical care.

“Some of them come here downtrodden, a little overweight, health problems that haven’t necessarily been addressed. They come here and they thrive,” said volunteer Debbie Williamson.

All of the dogs are available for adoption. Foster parents are also needed.

You just might find your new best friend at Marty’s Place.

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