Police called on bloody Halloween decorations


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Artist Steven Novak says he “loves gore,” but Halloween — not so much. Tell that to his East Dallas neighbors who called the cops about his bloody decorations.

Novak’s East Dallas home is quickly becoming the talk of the Halloween season – not just here in DFW, but also all around the country and around the world on media outlets such as TMZ and the Daily Mail.

“You’ve got a bloodbath brewing. It’s about to get worse. Oh, we got a few people that didn’t make it,” Novak jokingly told CBS 11 about his Halloween decorations. “The House is full of Zombies.”

From the roadway you can see at least four mannequins made up to look like like bloody dead people strewn about the front of his house.

One is hanging over the edge of the roof.

Novak said that in spite of the calls to police, neighbors and kids to love the display. “I mean, anybody that doesn’t look at this and crack up, there’s something wrong with them,” said Novak.

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“It’s pretty spooky,” said one observer. “I saw it first on the internet and it looks real. If you didn’t know what you were looking at, you might have to do a double take.”

Novak said that he likes seeing the reaction that he gets from people when they see the display.

“There was a lady across the street that didn’t like it so much,” said Novak. “I suspect that she called the police. ” Novak said he doesn’t mind upsetting people a little bit either.

“Would with this all be yours?” asked police when they arrived.

“What? Oh, you mean the bodies and all the blood?” Novak replied. “Oh, yeah… that would be mine.”

Novak said that next year was “going to be nuts.”