Preserving historic log cabin to cost $75,000


The Covid-19 pandemic slowed down fundraising efforts to reconstruct the historic log cabin in Montour County.

WASHINGTONVILLE, Pa. — Right now there is an empty space at the Montour-Delong Fairgrounds.  

But in less than a year, fair officials hope a log cabin will sit there.  

A historic log cabin that was discovered earlier this year during the demolition of a condemned bar.

“Doing a demolition project we’re just looking to get the structure down, we weren’t really anticipating running into a local historic relic,” Washingtonville Mayor Tyler Dombroski said.

The log cabin dates back to the 1780s.  

It was taken down by hand in March and will be reconstructed at the fairgrounds. 

Reconstructing the log cabin will cost around $75,000.  

Fundraising was stalled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We don’t want the project to lose momentum so we’ve been trying to apply for grants. We’re looking to do some fundraisers,” Dombroski said.

The group will soon be selling t-shirts to raise money for the log cabin’s reconstruction. 

The shirts will read, “I caught cabin fever in Washingtonville.”

“Mostly because of all the attention that everyone was receiving from the discovery of the two-story log cabin,” Sharon Waltman said.

“We also are planning on doing a quilt which we would do anyway during the fair, where each quilt block will be a cabin,” Ruth Marr said.

Officials hope to begin construction at the start of next year’s fair, which is scheduled for August of 2021.  

For information on how you can donate click here and send a private message.

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