Cafe creates Trump, Biden cookie poll


PARIS, Ky. (WKYT) – Lil’s Coffee House in Paris is a staple to Main Street. Great food and great memories, but add this cafe to the first unofficial polling place in the county.

Owner Lyra Miller created this poll herself. Step right up and cast your ballot using a President Trump cookie or Joe Biden cookie.

“First day it was Biden,” Miller said. “Because I advertised it, we’ve been having real fun with people coming in and saying, ‘no, we have to buy this one, we have to get that one.’ It’s just fun for the restaurant and for the people around.

She says her cookie poll shows the Trump option is more popular than Biden by about a 3 to 1 ratio.

Both cookies sold out on Thursday and are on track to sell out once again Friday. No debates in this cafe allowed– only smiles and friendship no matter what side you sit on.

“This is a very fun and friendly community. They are just having fun with it. Why not? It’s a cookie.”

There are no current plans to end the cookie poll. Miller says she’s learned a lot during the time they have been on the menu, but most of all, she’s learned relationships are way more important than a political opinion.

Miller says she got the idea from another bakery in another state who has accurately predicated past presidential elections with the cookie poll. She says the ovens are already fired up and making more.

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