Man stopped for Black Lives Matter shirt at polls


FORSYTH County, Ga. (CBS46) — A man was nearly turned away from voting for wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt to the polls.

“If you want to vote you have to take your shirt off…” says the poll worker. “So I have to take this shirt off? The voter questions. “That’s correct,” the worker said.

The man in the Black Lives Matter shirt recorded the confrontation at the Sharon Springs Park in Forsyth County and posted it on YouTube getting over 7000 views.

“Forsyth County is trying to turn me away for having a Black Lives Matter shirt on… really?!” voter Zack Arias exclaims.

“You’re considered an activist…” said the poll worker.

“It’s not a political statement,” Arias responds.

“I’m sorry, it’s one of the things we can not allow inside of the poll,” the poll worker incorrectly states.

CBS46 checked and there are rules against bringing certain campaign or materials to the polls — but only if they relate to specific issues on the ballot.

“The gentleman who has Black Lives Matter… that’s not on the ballot thank you just wanted to make sure…” The poll location manager and Karen Shields from Forsyth country communications saying anything on the ballot: candidates, slogans and referendums can not be worn in polling locations.

This aligns with state regulations.

But you can wear a Black Lives Matter shirt if you choose, because it is not a political slogan of any candidate

“And this is why Black Lives Matter, because if simply putting three words on your shirt means that you can’t vote then there’s an issue in this country of systemic racism …it is not a political statement it is a statement for humanity.”

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