Employee fired after trying to uphold mask mandate


A man is taking legal action after he believes he lost his job while trying to uphold Michigan’s mask mandate.

Alex Brothers was an assistant store manager at the PetSmart in Midland, located at 6910 Eastman Ave.

On July 19, an individual walked into the store without a mask carrying a weapon.

His attorney Jennifer McManus said given violent events surrounding mask mandates at the time, Brothers felt he should contact local law enforcement.

When police arrived, the situation was resolved peacefully.

Brothers then informed his supervisors of how he handled the situation.

McManus said two days later, Brother was terminated from his job.

He worked at the PetSmart location for about five years, had good performance reviews, with no other major incidents on his record, according to McManus.

McManus said the lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, Oct. 14. The complaint hasn’t been formally served yet, it’s out for service.

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