Comics’ game keeps people laughing during COVID


(WHDH) — A group of New England comedians got clever with a new type of party game designed to keep friends laughing during the pandemic.

The group teamed up to launch “Anti-Social Skills,” a new kind of game that can be played virtually from the comfort of a couch.

“It sort of became this interactive, fun, like comedy game and everybody’s been playing it over Zoom,”co-creator Jon Rineman said. “Everyone’s having a blast, playing it with hundreds of people.”

Rineman, a New Hampshire native and former writer for “The Tonight Show” found himself, like many others, out of work when coronavirus hit.

With comedy clubs closed indefinitely, he helped to assemble the funny men and women to create this improv-inspired, adult party game.

“The best part is it is all pre-written,” he said. “It’s all in your delivery and weird lines we wrote.”

Many of the situations and responses are not safe for work, or kids, or even for this article.

But, with a group of friends of an appropriate age, Rineman said the new game can provide a much-needed distraction from everything life has thrown this past year.

“It’s been a good way at a time when everyone needs to feel happy to have some fun to connect and talk to people online and meet new people,”Rineman said.

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