‘Trump doesn’t stop at red lights:’ A warning to voters and the media


New York (CNN Business)President Donald Trump is running a presidential campaign on “two tracks simultaneously,” which is resulting in a mass voter suppression enterprise, according to Thomas Friedman, a foreign affairs columnist at The New York Times.

The first track is “using conservative media to gin up as much of his vote as he can using basically fear tactics,” he said on this week’s Reliable Sources. “And the other is to use that president without shame, party without spine, a network without integrity to engage in the greatest voter suppression enterprise we’ve ever seen in American history.”

Trump is casting doubt on the electoral process by attacking mail-in ballots and creating confusion, Friedman said. He expects that Trump will declare himself a winner before the mail-in ballots are counted. “It’s happening before our eyes,” he said. “We can’t say it often enough and loudly enough … He does not stop at red lights.”

When asked by anchor Brian Stelter about who can stop him, Friedman said it’s on the American people to stop Trump’s behavior.

    “Our job is to inform them. Their job is to vote every way they possibly can — hopefully in person or by mail, if necessary,” Friedman said. “Then we have to hope if Biden does win the election and the votes are tabulated, there there will be enough decent Republicans who will not tolerate Trump’s efforts to steal the election after the voting.

      Trump has not committed to providing a peaceful transition of power after Election Day, lending further fuel to concerns he may not relinquish his office should he lose in November. He said last month “we’re going to have to see what happens” when he was asked whether he’d commit to a peaceful transition.

      And Vice President Mike Pence notably evaded a similar question at last week’s debate. Pence oversees the counting of electoral votes in January.