Man convicted of fathering child with 15-year-old


Kelvin McLean was found guilty of statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, and corruption of minors, Dauphin County prosecutors say.

STEELTON, Pa. — A 49-year-old Dauphin County man has been convicted of statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, and corruption of minors after authorities determined he fathered a child with a 15-year-old girl, the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office announced this week.

Kelvin McLean, of Steelton, was found guilty after a two-day trial, prosecutors say.

He fathered a child with the girl in 2018, according to Dauphin County Children and Youth Services. 

According to Pennsylvania law, an adult cannot lawfully engage in sexual intercourse with a minor under 16 years of age if there is an age difference of four or more years between them, prosecutors say.

In this case, there was an age difference of 30 years between Mclean and the victim, according to prosecutors.

Authorities began investigating after the girl gave birth in Harrisburg hospital and asked for McLean’s name to be put on the child’s birth certificate, according to testimony. The girl also told hospital staff that the child’s father was “much older” than her, according to testimony.

The girl would later tell police that McLean was not actually the child’s father.

In November 2018, a paternity test ordered by Dauphin County President Judge John F. Cherry determined that McLean was the child’s father, prosecutors say.

After the trial, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Gettle, who prosecuted the case, credited the work of medical providers, police, and Dauphin County Children and Youth Services for bringing McLean to justice.

“The defendant took advantage of vulnerable young girl,” she said. “While she saw this as a May-December romance, there is no doubt that the defendant was preying on her vulnerability. Had it not been for the efforts of all of those involved with the case, this perpetrator would have gone unpunished for his criminal actions.”

McLean will be sentenced at a hearing on Dec. 16, following an evaluation by the Sexual Offender’s Assessment Board to determine if he should be classified as a sexually violent predator.