Kim Kardashian West sheds some tears in David Letterman’s ‘My Next Guest’ trailer


(CNN)Kim Kardashian West is brought to tears in the new season of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

In a trailer for Season 3 of David Letterman’s Netflex series, Kardashian gets visibly emotional while speaking with the former late-night host.

“I wonder why I’m crying?” she says, dabbing at her eyes. “I’ve talked about this before.”

In another scene from the teaser, the two visit a store, where they take selfies and Kardashian West teaches Letterman how to use AirDrop.

    The rest of the two-minute video shows Robert Downey Jr. with goats and Lizzo in her home studio, where Letterman tries his hand at recording.

    Lizzo opens up about her positive body image, saying, “When I was wearing a leotard on stage and saying, ‘I love myself,’ people were like, ‘How dare she love herself? How could she?'” Letterman replies that people are jealous of the star.

    “I know that I’m beautiful and I’m successful, so — hah! — make fun of me now,” the singer says.

    Dave Chappelle is also featured, talking about the Black Lives Matter movement from a stage on his Ohio farm.

    “I was shocked that nobody ever talked about what it feels like to watch a man get murdered that way, by a man in a police uniform. I don’t want retroactive justice. I don’t want you to get ’em when I’m dead,” says Chappelle. “I want you to stop it.”

    Chappelle asks Letterman, “Do you smoke weed, Dave?”

      Letterman jokes that he’s “high as a kite.”

      The four-episode second season premieres October 21 on Netflix.