Arts center debuts new touchless security system


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A new security system could become the new standard thanks to the pandemic.

Omaha Performing Arts has installed touchless security scanners to eliminate close contact between employees and attendees.

It’s unlike anything seen before in the metro.

The next time visitors come to the Holland Center, the new security system will welcome guests as they through the front doors.

“No touch, no more taking stuff out of your pockets and putting it in bowls,” said Arnold Reeves, senior vice president and CFO with Omaha Performing Arts.

This checkpoint may be the “new normal” when it comes to weapons security.

“We can screen up to 10 times more people in the same amount of time as metal detectors,” Reeves added.

Artificial intelligence software and sensors differentiate weapons from phones or other pocket clutter based on what Evolv Technology calls “signature shape,” as well as mass.

The AI software will alarm security of any objects it deems to be a weapon or threat on a tablet.

A guard will continue to monitor incoming attendees, while another guard will screen the person with the perceived threat.

“It will definitely keep people safe,” Reeves said. “It moves us toward a touchless environment so patrons can walk through like they’re normally walking in they have to take their keys out of their pockets or cell phones or their pockets. Just walk on through.”

Omaha Performing Arts and Evolv say the system doesn’t store data of anyone walking through.

It’s the latest trend that warehouse companies, schools and sports teams are investing in.

It will be used for the first time this weekend. Omaha Performing Arts is also using cashless transactions, requiring masks and using social distance at its venues.

An updated HVAC system was installed to clear air viruses.

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