Tennis players face off on Munich’s empty squares


MUNICH (Reuters) – With sports clubs closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, tennis enthusiasts in Munich have taken to the Bavarian capital’s deserted landmarks to play.

Christoph Hanke, who in 2015 founded World Club Tennis to enthuse people for the sport, wanted to find a way to keep members interested and give them something to look forward to.

So he and fellow World Club Tennis member Susanne Wildgruber set off to play on as many of Munich’s famous sites as possible.

“To be able to come off the tennis courts and play in the middle of the city on these public squares was a really special experience and was a lot of fun,” Wildgruber told Reuters TV. “Some places worked better than others.”

So-called urban tennis is flourishing under lockdown, with members taking video of themselves playing all over the world.

If the people can’t get to the tennis court, they will take their tennis to the rooftop – or the mountaintop.

Bavaria will open up its courts again on May 11, letting tennis enthusiasts play on more familiar ground again.

Reporting by Reuters TV; Writing by Paul Carrel; Editing by Alexandra Hudson