Vivienne Westwood show brings gypsy chic to Paris town hall


PARIS (Reuters) – Austrian-British fashion duo Andreas Kronthaler and Vivienne Westwood brought a gypsy-like caravan of models wrapped in tartan and silk to the gilded corridors of Paris’ town hall to present their 2020-21 winter collection.

Contrasting the opulence of the French capital’s Hôtel de Ville, models in long skirts and oversized coats looked like peasants with necklaces of garlic or pepper tresses and the occasional multi-colored feather hat to top it all off.

Perhaps in homage to the French flag, Kronthaler and Westwood gave one model a tricolor red, white and blue pompadour hairstyle to go with a puffy blue jupon and a white corset.

American model Bella Hadid closed the show on Saturday bearing a dagger with a wedding gown whose translucent lace heavily hinted at the gypsy bride’s breasts beneath.

As for Westwood, the erstwhile queen of punk wore a long violet dress.

Reporting by Elizabeth Pineau; Writing by Leigh Thomas; Editing by Clelia Oziel