Prada challenges definition of femininity in Fall/Winter collection


MILAN (Reuters) – Prada celebrated the “pluralism and complexities of female identities” at its Fall/Winter show in Milan on Thursday, with designs ranging from strict tailoring to fringed and sequinned dresses.  

As models zigzagged through archways and piazzas on a set in the grand hall of the Fondazione Prada Milan, cinched waists created feminine hourglass silhouettes while flower motifs and fringes decorated straighter styles.

Colors included bold, bright reds, greens, yellows and purples, but also black and dark greys. Pastel-colored Wellington boots were paired with puffer jackets and pencil skirts.

Sportswear was also introduced for the everyday but glammed up for an updated look that challenged its utilitarian purpose.

In show notes creative director Miuccia Prada, who runs the company with husband Patrizio Bertelli, said she wanted to champion and challenge typical definitions of femininity – softness, fragility and sensuality and give her multidimensional women “tools of glamour” and “uniforms of beauty”.

Reporting by Hanna Rantala; Editing by Susan Fenton