Pets parade for New York fashionista crowd


New York (Reuters) – The 17th annual New York Pet Fashion Show, the world’s largest pet fashion and animal rescue benefit, was held in Manhattan with other-worldly beings such as goddesses, space creatures and mermaids represented.

Pets and their humans wearing an array of neon, glitter, Christmas lights and masks strutted their stuff in a benefit on Thursday entitled World Couture for Animal Rescue for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals.

Dogs came to show off, patiently crossing the main stage in costumes for three runway shows: Sci-fi Couture – 2020 A Space Odyssey; Haute Couture – High Fashion for Animal Rescue and Best in Show Designer Contest.

Some canines walked; others arrived in toy cars or carriages; some were carried Cleopatra-style by burly men in loincloths; others were held aloft to show off their finery. But whatever the mode of transportation, the dogs seemed to revel in the attention, patiently posing for pictures, soaking in the attention of their adoring fans, participating in skits and hanging out with friends, both human and animal.

And it wasn’t just dogs that participated. Paisley the pig also joined in on the fun. Paisley, born in North Carolina but now a resident of New Jersey, has a playful personality who everyone falls in love with, according to her human. Paisley came dressed as a space cadet.  

Writing by Mark Porter; editing by Diane Craft