Jessica Biel Finally Finds A Role She Can Sink Her Teeth Into

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She’s played a “summer catch.” A love interest. A leading lady in an action movie. A horror movie victim.

A Pivotal 'Riverdale' Character Will Be Recast In Season 2

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Hearts are breaking across Riverdale High today. 

The CW series “Riverdale” is saying goodbye to actor Ross Butler, who plays Archie’s nemesis Reggie on the show.

'13 Reasons Why' Star Justin Prentice On Playing The Monster Next Door

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Note: Spoilers ahead.

Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” tells the story of a teenage girl’s death by suicide, and the 13 tapes she leaves behind for the people she feels are responsible for her death.

'Veep' Producer Admits He Can't Beat Sean Spicer Apologizing For Hitler Stuff

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David Mandel really enjoys those mashup videos floating around the internet recently of the Trump administration bumbling along as the “Veep” music and ending credits come in. 

But as the executive producer of “Veep,” they also make him thankful that he made the serendipitous decision to pull President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) out of the show’s fictional White House before Donald Trump stepped inside the real one.

’Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Isn’t Afraid To Admit That Love Doesn’t Fix Anything

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So many of pop culture’s celebrated stories begin and end with the pursuit of a romantic relationship.