'House Of Cards' Gets Orwellian In First Few Seconds Of Season 5

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“The Daily Show” fired off 14 epic tweets on Monday night that totally called out Republicans who criticized Democrats for how they handled classified information.

This 'Once Upon A Time' Star Leaving The Show Is A Twist No One Saw Coming

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We’ve been following the journey of Jennifer Morrison’s Emma Swan since the beginning of “Once Upon a Time,” but now it looks like not all fairytales have a happy ending.

Stephen Colbert Is Reuniting Your Favorites From 'The Daily Show'

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Remember when Matt LeBlanc didn’t want the “Friends” cast to reunite on his spinoff show “Joey” because he had a deep desire to make it on his own and viewers were like, We just want to see those funny friends together again; what is this Los Angeles-based abomination?

Well, this isn’t exactly like that, but now that Stephen Colbert is beating the Jimmys (Kimmel and Fallon) in the late-night ratings wars, the former “Daily Show” comedian is getting his own friends back together for a reunion.

'Fixer Upper' Star Chip Gaines Responds To Lawsuit Filed By Former Partners

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Chip Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” has responded to the lawsuit filed against him by his former business partners.

Tom Ellis Says Lucifer Is In For 'A Shock’ During Season 2 Finale

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There’s no doubt Season 2 of “Lucifer” featured a roller coaster of a story arc with Lucifer’s mom entering the picture, not to mention his ongoing romantic dance with Chloe Decker.

Nobody Was More Delighted By The MTV Movie & TV Awards Opening Than Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman let his inner musical theater freak-flag fly at Sunday night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, and we are 100 percent here for it.