The 15 Best 'Non-Disney' Places To Travel With Children

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Where can you take the little ones if Disney is not high on your travel bucket list? The answer can easily be “anywhere else” to parents who are not looking to spend a fortune on a few days of entertainment, juggle massive crowds of overexcited children high on sugar, or wait in line for hours for a ride that lasts a minute or two

On top of that, going on a trip with kids can be a rough experience.

Oneika The Traveller Shares 5 Tips For Jumpstarting Your Travel Agenda

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Blogger and travel connoisseur Oneika Raymond, who popularly goes by Oneika The Traveller, stopped by The Huffington Post Black Voices’ bi-weekly talk show the “BV Breakdown” ― a Facebook Live show that discusses hot topics, current events and self-care tips ― on Thursday to share some of her travel savvy.

Video Shows Just How Close Harrison Ford Came To Hitting Another Plane

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This is one of Harrison Ford’s most harrowing moments on film ― and it was real.

Video obtained Tuesday by TMZ of his recent piloting mishap shows the “Star Wars” actor flying too close for comfort over a passenger jet as he landed on a taxiway.

The Feb. 13 incident at John Wayne International Airport in Orange County, California, has the 74-year-old Hollywood icon in potential hot water. The FAA is investigating.

Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” he reportedly asked air traffic controllers after his single-engine aircraft passed over the jet.

According to outlets, Ford was cleared to land on a proper runway but touched down on a live taxiway next to it.

In 2015, Ford crash-landed on a golf course.

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Why North Korea Is Suddenly Fascinated By Swedish Architecture

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For Architectural Digest, by Nick Mafi.

In many respects, Sweden and North Korea couldn't be more different. On one end of the spectrum, the Nordic country is governed by a democratically elected prime minister, boasts a capital city that's among the fastest growing in Europe, and is perennially ranked by National Geographic as one of the "Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World.

Travel Tips For Traveling With Parents

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For most of us,  the earliest travel memories can be traced back to traveling with our parents as kids. What heady days they were as we pranced around Railway Stations, Airports and Bus Stations without a care in the world as our hassled parents surreptitiously and anxiously kept an eye on our adventurous exploits of discovery!

The wheel of time has moved since then and today as full grown adults we may roam the world in a swagger of independence.