Why Some Young People Combine Smoking And Drinking

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For young smokers, the pleasure of smoking a cigarette is greater when they are also drinking alcohol than when they are also smoking pot, according to a new study.

Bride And Her Bridesmaids Ditched Bouquets For Puppies In Need Of Homes

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This is one un-fur-gettable bridal shoot. 

For her March wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina, bride Meghan Butler and her bridesmaids traded floral bouquets for puppies in need of a good home.

Trans Teen Gavin Grimm Responds To Laverne Cox Shout Out At The Grammys

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A transgender teen whose fight for civil rights is headed to the Supreme Court in March received the shock of a lifetime when Laverne Cox used her stage time at the Grammys on Sunday to draw visibility to his case.

Starbucks' Molten Chocolate Drinks Are Back In Time For Valentine's Day

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Attention Starbucks lovers! The coffee company announced Monday that it’s bringing back three sinfully delicious drinks, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Dude Tumbles Down Stairs And Into Prom Fail History

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It’s supposed to be a night to remember ― and the internet will never let this guy forget.

Lucy Hale Confirms There Will Be Two Weddings In The Final Episodes Of 'Pretty Little Liars'

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After seven years on the air, “Pretty Little Liars” is coming to an end this June. But for the first time in the series’ run, there will finally be answers ― and happy endings, too.

My First Time Masturbating

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You don’t need a partner to have amazing, fireworks-on-the-Fourth-of-July level orgasms.

The animated Glamour video above is a great reminder of that.

If You Like 'Heathers,' You'll Love This Sundance Movie

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The buzz that travels from the Sundance Film Festival bubble to the real world every January typically revolves around a small crop of Oscar hopefuls.