Dakota Access Protesters Fighting Warrant To Search Their Facebook Accounts

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An investigation into a traffic pileup at a protest last month in Washington state has led to a fight over a search warrant that targets the private Facebook accounts of Dakota Access Pipeline critics.

Now You Can Give Oral Sex Long-Distance By Licking Your Phone

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Smartphones allow people to check sports scores, send email and watch cat videos almost anywhere.

They now can also allow you to perform cunnilingus just by licking your phone.

Ransomware Attack Locks Democratic State Senators Out Of Their Computers

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WASHINGTON ― A ransomware attack has frozen Democrats in the Pennsylvania state Senate out of their computers, data, email and website.

Yahoo: 32 Million Accounts Were Accessed By Intruders Using 'Forged Cookies'

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Yahoo Inc, which disclosed two massive data breaches last year, said on Wednesday that about 32 million user accounts were accessed by intruders in the last two years using forged cookies.

The company said some of the latest intrusions can be connected to the “same state-sponsored actor believed to be responsible for the 2014 breach”, in which at least 500 million accounts were affected.