Buzz Aldrin Looked As Baffled As We Felt During Trump's Space Talk

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President Donald Trump’s commission on election fraud is demanding states turn over sensitive voter data through an insecure email that could be used by hackers for identity theft, Gizmodo reports.

Turns Out Bread Has Been 'Raw Toast' All Along

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We like to think we’re absolute masters when it comes to toast. But one man’s observation is making us doughbious.

This week, Twitter user Devonthesav sparked a hilarious discussion when he posed a loaf-ded question: “Do y’all eat peanut butter & jelly on raw toast or toasted toast?”

Soon after two Silicon Valley billionaires launched an online initiative to rejuvenate the Democratic Party Monday night, veteran progressive political operatives began mocking it as an out-of-touch vanity project.

Self-Driving Car Technology Foiled By Kangaroos

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As the inevitable robot takeover looms, it’s nice to know we have one surprising weapon in our arsenal: kangaroos.

Ed Sheeran Says He's Quitting Twitter For One Heavy Reason

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Ed Sheeran is turning the other cheek ― and his Twitter use off.

The “Galway Girl” singer told The Sun that he will no longer be using the social media site because of the cruel criticism from trolls that “ruins your day.

Asos Leaves One Very Important Feature Visible In Bikini Photos

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It’s swimsuit season, which means it’s that time of year to flaunt your body in all it’s stretch-marked glory.