No One Can Object That Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Collars Are On Point

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an all-knowing beacon of knowledge, level-headedness and yes, even fashion expertise. 

She has long been known for the lace collars or jabots (a fancy collar) she pairs with her robe.

Ivanka Trump Imported 53 Metric Tons of Chinese Goods During Her Dad's 'Buy American' Speech

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Whether you’re a devoted member of the Grab Your Wallet boycott or you’re enthusiastically buying Ivanka Trump, chances are you already know that many of the Trump family’s products are made overseas.

Here's A Toad Wearing A Top Hat, Because What Else Do You Have Going On?

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Chris Newsome, a 43-year-old from Alabama, knows how to make an amphibian feel fancy.

This past summer, a toad took up residence in Newsome’s flowerbed and would visit his porch every night.

Beyoncé Might've Just Given The World A Hint About The Sex Of Her Twins

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The world has eagerly been collectively freaking out about Beyoncé’s twin angels since she announced her pregnancy in February, and now the internet is looking to her fashion choices for hints about the sex of her children.

This Woman Turns Her Vitiligo Into Stunning Body Art

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Our newest self-love hero serves as proof that our bodies truly are works of art. 

Ash Soto has vitiligo, a skin condition that causes a loss of pigmentation in patches.

Chrissy Metz Is Gorgeous In A Pinup-Inspired Spread For Harper's Bazaar

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It’s nearly impossible to get through an episode of “This Is Us” without crying, but we can’t help but smile over these new photos of Chrissy Metz.

The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing About Kellyanne Conway's Glam Shot

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Nothing gets by Twitter. 

Kellyanne Conway recently gave a wide-ranging interview with The Record from her home in Alpine, New Jersey, where she lives with her husband and four children.

Emma Watson Is A Timeless 'Beauty' On The Red Carpet

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If there’s one thing 2017 has given us, it’s numerous Emma Watson red carpet sightings ahead of the “Beauty and the Beast” premiere on March 17.