Can A 'Poop Transplant' Change Your Weight?

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CHICAGO — Studies in mice have garnered attention for a remarkable result: When the feces of one mouse was transplanted to another mouse, the recipient mouse either gained or lost weight.

What I've Learned From Bill Nye

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Recently, I’ve written about how fake news and deceptive publishing practices are making it difficult for consumers to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to science. This issue is always top of mind for me, because whenever I speak at conferences or talk to reporters, I am inevitably asked at least one question about false claims, “internet myths,” and even retracted “scientific” studies regarding GMOs.

Astrophysicist: ETs May Have Already Lived And Died In Our Solar System

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As science continues to search the cosmos for evidence of intelligent extraterrestrials and, at the very least, for habitable planets that might harbor even non-intelligent life, one scientist is raising another eye-opening question: Was there a time in the far distant past when an advanced civilization actually lived on one of the planets of our solar system, long before earthlings evolved?

Pennsylvania State University astrophysicist Jason T.

New Study FINALLY Explains Why Your Shoe Laces Come Untied

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It’s a problem no one has dared to study before: why, exactly, do shoelaces come untied? 

Three mechanical engineers at UC Berkeley ― Christine Gregg, Oliver O’Reilly, and Christopher Daily-Diamond ― have been busy figuring out the answer to one of life’s simplest (and most annoying) problems.

How New Genetic Technologies Are Reshaping Pregnancy And Parenting

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As the nascent field of genetic testing advances, expectant parents face a dizzying array of new and difficult questions. Would you want to know if your child will have Down syndrome? Or if your baby is genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease? What about if the fetus has a gene duplication that might mean nothing ― or could spell a serious genetic disorder? 

The sci-fi world of designer babies may not be here yet, but modern genetic technology is already fundamentally changing pregnancy and parenting.