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Immigration Agents Won't Stop Making Arrests In Courts, Trump Officials Tell Judge

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WASHINGTON ― Two top Trump administration officials wrote to California’s chief justice on Wednesday to tell her they won’t honor her request to stop conducting immigration enforcement within courts.

Bunny Ranch Owner Plans Raiders-Themed Brothel Near Las Vegas

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Oakland Raiders fans may be sad about the team’s move to Las Vegas, but it may give them more chance to score off the field than ever before.

Ironically Titled Library Book Finally Returned After 100 Years

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Some people just read more slowly than others.

The San Francisco Public Library newest book is actually one of its oldest: More than a century old.

Cesar Chavez And What Lies Ahead

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Today, Cesar Chavez would have been 90 years old.

On this national day to commemorate the great civil rights and labor leader, I imagine what he would have thought if he were alive, as he looked around the Central Valley, the place in California where he staked his famous fight for the rights of migrant farm workers.

A Stump Was Turned Into A Real-Life Giving Tree, And Now Everyone's Crying

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The final page of a classic children’s tale came unexpectedly to life in Oakland, California recently. 

A tree on a city sidewalk was chopped down, leaving a stump with a chair-like backrest jutting out, upon which someone has written a portion of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein:

Cat Gets Snake Up Her Nose But Doesn't Have A Hissy Fit

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Well, that’s paws for concern.

A cat in Mendocino County, California, had an experience that some might find hysterical (emphasis on the “hissss”).

A Thousand Splendid Suns at ACT: Gripping Drama Burdened by an Overload of Detail

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A proposal of marriage in desperate times: Rasheed (Haysam Kadri) and Laila (Nadine Malouf); his first wife, Mariam (Kate Rigg) watches.

Photos by Kevin Berne

Transforming a novel into a play -- especially one as sprawling as Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns -- inevitably requires difficult choices: how much to keep, how much to cut, how to shape the elements that appear on stage.