Why Are Liberals SO Upset?

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Liberals are reacting to Trump’s election in dramatic ways. Depression, anxiety, anger, etc. are common. Conservatives are generally puzzled about the extreme reactions of the liberals. Why are liberals distraught rather than merely disappointed? Are liberals just snowflakes, or sore losers, or drama queens?

To bridge the partisan divide, liberals and conservatives will have to interpret each other’s positions and reactions in charitable rather than pejorative ways.

Pope Francis Compares Refugee Centers To 'Concentration Camps'

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Pope Francis urged governments on Saturday to get migrants and refugees out of holding centers, saying many had become “concentration camps”.

What It's Like Being The First Black Pastor At Joel Osteen's Megachurch In Texas

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John Gray and Joel Osteen are both pastors, husbands, fathers and devout men of God, but that’s about where the similarities end.