The Crisis Prone Presidency

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Those of us who study corporate crises distinguish between Crisis Prone versus Crisis Prepared individuals and organizations. Crisis Prone individuals and organizations put their primary energies into all kinds of faulty rationalizations that allow them to persist in the false belief that they will never have a crisis: "we're too big and powerful to have major crises;" "crises only happen to others;" "if a crisis happens, someone will come to our rescue," "there's no need to prepare for what'll never happen.

When Fear Trumps Freedom

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Scientists distinguish between two types of potential errors in their research. Type I errors occur when something seems true but, in fact, isn't. Type II errors are the opposite: the scientist mistakenly rejects what is correct.

Donald Trump's Science Fiction

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President-elect Donald Trump has been twisting the facts in ways beyond what even George Orwell envisioned in his dystopian novel 1984. When PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning truth squad sponsored by the Tampa Bay Times, analyzed more than 300 assertions by Trump since he announced his presidential bid, it found that roughly 70 percent were mostly or completely false while another 15 percent were half-truths.

No More Fake News -- Obama Should Require Truthful Data on Medical Marijuana

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Since the day Obama became President, there have been rumors that on his last day of office he would somehow do a mic drop and make marijuana legal. This is not legally possible but there is something he could do before he leaves office to finally put an end to "reefer madness": update the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) website and publications to reflect its own recent scientific findings on medical cannabis.