GOP Shakedown

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Republicans tried and tried, more than 40 times, in fact. Unlike the Little Engine That Could, the GOP couldn't. They just couldn't repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Last week they switched tracks to exploit a different tactic -- extortion.

Far-Right Republicans Could Hit A Tipping Point As Support Falters

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Tension is brewing in the Republican Party as the federal government shutdown enters its seventh day and far-right members of the GOP show no sign of letting up.

The shutdown -- which has already affected hundreds of thousands of federal employees and hit critical government programs -- is bringing the Republican Party to a boiling point, angering GOP fundraisers and throwing a wrench in the works for the upcoming 2014 elections.

What if Obamacare Is Popular?

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It's beginning to look as if the Republican effort to hold the rest of the government hostage for the sacking of the Affordable Care Act just might backfire, big time. For starters, the effort has elicited something long missing on the part of this president -- some spine.