Banking On Trust

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Let's be honest, most people don't trust banks any more, and that's a problem. Coming out of the 2008 crisis people were angry, and rightfully so. Too many bankers cared only about filling their own pockets, regardless of the consequences or the risks.

To Understand Your Credit Card's Free FICO Score, Get Your Credit Report

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by Ellen Cannon

Major credit card issuers are lining up to offer free FICO scores, allowing more people than ever to become intimately familiar with their credit scores. But what about credit reports, which have been free for years?

"Fifteen or 16 years ago, no one knew about credit scores," says Bruce McClary, a spokesman for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Bank On Cards To End Financial Deserts

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It's time to make sure that African-Americans get more for their money--and that starts by getting out of cash and into cards and electronic payments. Doing so will green the financial deserts that plague our low-income communities and wither upward mobility on the vine.