White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Continues To Leave The Press And Public In The Dark

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Continuing an alarming pattern of the White House shutting out the press and the public and curtailing transparency, White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Monday will answer questions from reporters in a restricted setting.

A Fan Painted Mark Zuckerberg's Face On Her Nails, And Here's What Happened Next

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Mark Zuckerberg is a famous dude and, as fans do with anyone who is famous, they like to show their appreciation in .

Donald Trump Offers Nearly Incomprehensible Explanation For James Comey Tapes Claims

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Jennifer Lopez will do a little bit of reinventing for her upcoming romantic comedy.

The singer and actress is set to star and produce STXFilms’s film “Second Act,” The Wrap announced on Thursday.

Scott Walker Hails 'Free Speech' Bill That Would Punish Student Hecklers

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has hailed a bill that would punish student protesters who disrupt speeches on college campuses, a measure opponents say would infringe First Amendment rights.

Amanda Knox Opens Instagram World: Creepy Fairy Tales, Cuffs And Cats

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Amanda Knox, the American convicted of murder in Italy and then freed, has gone public with her Instagram account two years after being exonerated, and a couple of the posts are fairy-tale bizarre.