Stunning Photos Bust Stereotypes Of What 'Everyday Africa' Looks Like

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At your typical graduation, parents are somewhere beaming in the audience as their kid switches their tassel to the left.

These Military Vets Have Found A Smarter Way To Fight The War On Terror

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During four hard combat tours as a Marine commander, Jake Harriman began to understand why the United States is failing to eradicate violent Islamic extremism.

I Hereby Quit Your Religion

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The decision to quit religion, so to speak, happened just a few years back. It was a long, slow, guilt ridden experience.

We went to church several times a week. There was a time when I was part of the band, youth leader, volunteer for various community events, and even Sunday school teacher.

You Don't Have To March To Be In The Resistance

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In the wave of activism that has swept the country since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, people have found myriad ways of expressing their discontent ― from attending marches and rallies, to making calls to Congress, to showing up at town halls.