I Dream Of Healthy Black Futures

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Healthcare is a human right.

No one should be denied the opportunity to see a doctor because of how much money is in their pocket or where they live.

Our loved ones shouldn’t die from easily curable diseases simply because they can’t afford medicine.

Chicago Police To Donald Trump: We Asked For Help And You Never Responded

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Despite President Donald Trump’s repeated criticism of Chicago’s rising homicide rate, the city’s police department says multiple requests for federal assistance have gone unanswered so far.

Actually, Betsy DeVos, There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch

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When Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, she began her remarks with a brief introduction.

Veterans are Life Long Learners

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Lifelong learning, can't say it enough, is extremely important. No matter where you are in life it's one of the strategies that will keep you competitive and moving forward. This doesn't always have be just getting a degree or certification.