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Ikea Lab Releases Free Designs For A Garden Sphere That Feeds A Neighborhood

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If you’ve already constructed Ikea desks and chairs, then it’s time to take your skills to the next level. 

This week Space10, an Ikea lab for futuristic, solutions-oriented designs, released open source plans for The Growroom, a large, multi-tiered spherical garden designed to sustainably grow enough food for an entire neighborhood.

These Cool New 'Vertical Forest' Skyscrapers Are Designed To Help Fight Smog

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Buildings don’t have to just be buildings anymore. Sometimes, they can double as forests. 

That’s the radical idea behind architect Stefano Boeri’s upcoming vertical forest skyscrapers in China.

DIY Marbled Mugs

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As we head into February, a great cup of coffee is my fairly constant companion throughout the day. It warms me, energizes me, and helps me tackle my to-do list.

Looking through my collection of cute, but non-coordinating mugs, I decided an easy DIY craft project was needed at the top of my to-do list, so I tried my hand at the DIY mug trend.