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Woman Says Her Fitbit Device Exploded, Leaving Her With Severe Burns

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We’ve heard of exploding cell phones and e-cigarettes. Now, a Wisconsin woman is warning about exploding fitness trackers.

Woman Has Crappiest Day Ever When She Gets Hand Stuck In Toilet

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A Texas woman took the plunge into viral infamy when she got her hand stuck in a toilet.

DON'T LOOK DOWN! You're 500 Feet Over Houston In This Glass Bottom Pool!

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Last one in is a rotten egg ― or maybe someone who’s afraid of heights.

Houston’s Market Square Tower showed off its stunning sky pool on Instagram Thursday, featuring a swimmer walking on the plexiglass-bottomed extension 40 stories up.

Big Dog Makes Most Of His Tiny Bed Because He’s A Very Good Boy

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Kenny, a 10-year-old golden retriever from Elkhart, Indiana, just wanted a bed of his own.

Paeton Mathes, Kenny’s 15-year-old owner, told the Huffington Post their older dog, Torii, has a dog bed and Kenny liked it so much that he kept on trying to share it.

Ikea Lab Releases Free Designs For A Garden Sphere That Feeds A Neighborhood

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If you’ve already constructed Ikea desks and chairs, then it’s time to take your skills to the next level. 

This week Space10, an Ikea lab for futuristic, solutions-oriented designs, released open source plans for The Growroom, a large, multi-tiered spherical garden designed to sustainably grow enough food for an entire neighborhood.